"You guys did an awesome job, thanks so much for having us! The kids LOVED it!!! - Ms. Kristi D'Angelo


"You guys did an awesome job, thanks so much for having us! The kids LOVED it!!! - Ms. Kristi D'Angelo

 Dental Health Awareness Month with Washington Elementary-February 2011


 "I like your office a lot. They did not hurt me. Everyone was nice and kind." Cammy, Washington

"I liked getting my teeth tickled and shiny. It was fun!"


Makenzie, Romeo


"I was so upset when I broke my two front teeth. It was late at night and we had no idea what to do. Dr. Tiffin came over, calmed me down and even helped us look for the teeth. He fixed my smile right away and it didn't hurt at all. Dr. Tiffin is so nice and the best dentist ever. He is worth my 40 minute drive."
Jessica, Madison Heights


"I liked the way Dr. Tiffin gives his 'sleepy drops'. He's a really great dentist."
Lizette, Almont


"I was really freaked out. I didn't know what was going to happen. Dr. Tiffin was good at explaining things and made me feel a lot better. Gas made it a lot easier, too. Didn't hurt at all, it tickled."
Laine, Livonia


"It's quick, easy, and painless."
Amber, Holly



"Everyone was really nice. It was easy and painless."
Paige, Holly


My past experiences with dentists were not good, so by the time I met Dr. Tiffin there were a lot of problems to overcome and solve. Dr. Tiffin changed my whole view on dentists. He gave me options and fully explained each one. My problems included the need for surgery that upped my fears and stress level. Dr. Tiffin referred me to a colleague and worked closely with him to assure the procedure was correct. After the surgery was completed (with no discomfort during or after the procedure I might add), Dr. Tiffin kept everything moving in a forward motion, always asking if I was experiencing any discomfort. After all was said and done I am now able to chew food like a normal person and also not be embarrassed of my smile. Dr. Tiffin and his great staff turned my attitude toward dental visits completely around to the positive. The staff is very friendly and takes such care to make sure your visit goes smoothly and your comfort is utmost of their concern. - Yvonne, Washington Twp.


"I would recommend Dr. Tiffin and the professionals he works with to anyone needing dental care! Dr. Tiffin and staff are very thorough and honest with your dental needs. My wife and I are very please with the care we continue to receive at Tiffin Family Dentistry." Robert, Washington Twp.


"Dr. Tiffin is a true artist when it comes to giving a shot. Completely painless!" Jack, Washington Twp.


"They're great! The office is great and the staff is great. Everyone is friendly and courteous. Office is on their A-Game." Frank, Washington Twp.


"I have never had a more relaxing and pleasant experience at a dentist office before. Everyone is so nice and make sure that your comfort is there main objective. Dr. Tiffin is wonderful: I had a pretty big filling in one tooth with a few shots in my cheek to numb it, I never felt a pinch or any sort of pain at all. The next day I had NO discomfort at all, no soreness in my cheek either, where I had the shots. Thank you! For once in my life I look forward to going back to the dentist" Jennifer, Royal Oak


"I recently had a cerec crown, and everything was fantastic. I did not feel the shot and after the procedure I felt great, and was even able to eat. I can't believe that I had a crown done all in one day. It's a dental breakthrough! No more waiting two weeks for the permanent crown and best of all, no temporaries. I highly recommend Dr. Tiffin and his satisfactory work." Milt, Rochester



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  • "Visiting Christopher Tiffin D.D.S. gives my family and me more reasons to smile."
    The Johnson Family
  • "Dr. Tiffin provided me with excellent care when I needed it the most."
    Jennifer R.

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